About Us


Great Best was founded in 2018 as the intelligence system high speed growing and great marketing demand, it grew up from Great Way Suzhou LTD. The Great Way was founded in 2012, it major provides the total solution for the R&D of household appliances, such as vaccume cleaner , Robot cleaner,hair dryer, coffee maker, Toaster,etc, the customer including Candy Hoover, Dyson, Ecovacs, Dibea,WIK etc. We also make some manufacture fixture and automatic production line for some of these customers as long term cooperation. The intelligant system is big opportunity as the intelligence business demand grows with high speed, so Great Best is focusing on the intelligence system total solution for our customer including manufacture Intelligent Automatic Solution ,Intelligent automation vision inspection& sorting system Intelligent factory ,etc. Our vision is "Total Intelligent Solution Provider ". Great team work and collobration will genarate the great value for both customer and us....